Death’s Dark Shadow – A Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3e) Campaign

There is a Gathering Storm which threatens to lay waste to the Reikland. Can our heroes stop it?

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  • There some “unwinnable” combats and social situations where you need to think outside the box to triumph.
  • If you one-trick your character, you won’t find yourself very useful. I require a wide-diversity of social, skill, and combat type checks. Along the same lines, if you do one-trick your character into combat-skill, don’t go around trying to talk to people. Pretending through roleplaying that he’s anything other than a one-trick battle pony will just get you stressed, strained and insane.
  • The career you start with is what you bring with you, it is not your destiny or some rigid structure by which you must play your character. You determine your destiny!
  • I try to incorporate as much canon-material as possible to be true to the setting. There will be fimir, zoats, dwarfen steam engines, occasional Imperial gaslamps and wierd technologies of the “alleged” ratmen. It’s just out there sometimes..waiting for you to mess with it and put your fingers where they don’t belong.
  • No, you’ll never meet the emperor so who cares what he looks like, what he rides, or who his retinue is. You’re probably not going to meet the Countess Emanuelle von Liebewitz either. You’re a peon, pissboy, or bog-iron picker to the opinion of the gold tier and don’t think any different.
  • High elves are like stone cold assassins, ever caught up in their blood war with the Druchii while attempting to maintain some semblence of civility in the impulsive and reckless world of men. Exasperated disgust is their main expression towards all other races.
  • Wood elves actually do steal babies (and other blessed varmints) and perform all manner of alien rituals to the woodland spirits in ways that man cannot understand..sometimes even returning their capture to their owners..with gifts. Why they do ANYTHING is a mystery to all but themselves and the forest spirits they serve. One last thing about wood elves: they are NOT, in fact, masters of the forests, but servants and the unwitting victims of nature, it’s spirits, and the sadistic and cruel games that the Spirit Powers of Nature play.
  • There are not really any honest people and ironically, halflings, which are considered most disonest and thiefly are more honest than most men. That priestess of Shallya who just healed will probably send her thugs after you to get the rest of the silver you probably have hidden in your boot.
  • Dwarfs (not dwarves), hold grudges. They have tomes of grudges for which all must be answered. It’s the main reason why they are beleagured. They just can’t let it go.
  • Gor beastmen love to rhyme and wax poetic when they battle (and when they do that hang-you-upside-down-to-drain-you-thingy).
  • You’ll probably never be fully healed-up. Rub some puke-soaked goat-feces on it and get over it you big wuss!
  • Here’s how your character will probably end his career: disease, mutation, in the asylum with insanity/madness, critical wounds/death, alcohol poisoning, in the loving embrace of a daemonette’s orificial tentacle, and/or all of the above if you made any attempt to be the hero you were meant to be!
  • True magical items are very rare and the local baron would just as soon kill you for it if he finds out you have any. That glowy-stone you’ve got is probably warpstone too, so don’t put it in your pocket next to your junk. There are however, superior quality items that are pretty dang good – adding either a white or blue die to your actions.
  • Heretics are burned at the stake daily in every town as a way to ward off evil spirits and since evil spirits are actually real, and “chaos” is more than just a term, heretics are relentlessy rounded up by the Witch Hunters. The term heretic is applied loosely to include: actual heretics, presumed heretics, accused-by-the-neighbor-who-doesn’t-like-your-barking-dog heretics, mutants, people who’ve been visited by the verruca gnome too many times, braggarts, people who cast spells, people who suddenly came into a lot of money, people who collect butterflys, children who get lippy, wives who don’t put-out, children born with an extra toe/finger/nose/head, mother-in-laws, men with too much chest hair, men with too little chest hair, elves caught alone in the dark, etc. etc. etc. Ironically, not too many halflings or diseased people are actually ever burned at the stake as any discriminating witch hunter has no desire to catch cooties.
  • There Is No Greenskin Mother’s Day: Orcs and other greenskins supposedly progenate from spores for the single purpose of using you as practice dummies for thier choppa’s.
  • Moving barges and riverboats is usually accomplished by steam power. Occasionally mule teams and human labor along canal trails are still used.
  • Beer and Vodka! Calm your fears and help you sleep while the rats in the common room pick you clean of crumbs from supper! Which will you choose? Will it be the fleabag in the used-cask room of the Thunderwater Inn or the straw tick of an anemic harl-ot at the Stewpot hostel?
  • Always have a back-up character because there’s no shame in getting yourself killed, but don’t be afraid to run from danger once in a while…
  • etc.


Death's Dark Shadow

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