Death's Dark Shadow

Cry me a river

The facts: A merchant named Weschler went missing in Stromdorf. The Altdorf merchant’s guild wants back his Membership Ring (they evidently could care less if he’s dead), as the ring imparts significant privileges upon the wearer within the merchant’s guild. Weschler had a white pony that pulled his coal cart.

You crossed a river (easily and without great risk to life and limb..according to Lukas the ferryman, whose boat you smashed on the rocks). In reality, the river was quite treacherous.

In Stromdorf, the party promptly split into two groups. One stayed at the Thunderwater Inn where they reveled and drank Thunderwater Ale and Marshwater (the one with the fingerling reik-eel in it). The others (Schultz and Valahuir) went to The Stewpot, where Keila Copplepot runs a fine, upstanding establishment where nothing bad or remarkable ever happens. In reality, she is the sole proprietor of an establishment that sells travelers to the HOltz family, who then sacrifices them to the Beastmen of the ObersleCHT.

The Engel farm was burned down b/c they didn’t pay off their “dues” to the beastmen.

The Holtz farm is where Tristan Engel was ready to kill Fritz Engel for getting his family involved in paying off beastmen.

The merchant has already been given to the beastmen, perhaps his ring is there.

Your group was then shown the way to the gnarly old tree in the ObersleCHT, where they met a Bray (beastman) Shaman named Foaldeath. He had a proposition that if he can take over the herd, he will lead them away from his mother (Mrs. HOltz) and his Holtz family. He wants you to help him steal the Lightning Stone from atop the Herdstone, and kill Izka Madtooth, the upstart Beastman Wargor who is chaos-bent upon destroying all of the farms and marching his rather-sizable herd to Stromdorf.



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