Death's Dark Shadow

Ravager of Time

old folks in the swamp

After unsuccessfully not even trying to help the town of Schalaghugel (false pretenses), and the the village of Krote (Pig Witch and her Lover), and sort of burning down half of the port of Hargendorf while on a botched break-in, and then kind of causing serious damage to a sea-going vessel, only to be harassed by Dark Elves..and then finding themselves on the north shore of the Marienburg Wastelands..whilst suddenly taken in by the nice folk of Elyea town…

There they have faced the Ravager of Time..and are now old. They are but physical shadows of their former selves (the ones that are still alive that is)..facing down a witch of immense power with naught but their wits and their AARP cards…


Emirikol Emirikol

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